Using Essential Oils To Aid In Pain Relief, Immune Support

Using Essential Oils To Aid In Pain Relief, Immune Support

There are a lot of people who are now looking for ways that they can naturally boost their immune system while healing any number of ailments that they are dealing with. The idea of being able to enjoy homeopathic measures instead of having to go the way of traditional medicine is certainly nothing new. However, there is a brand new wave of people who are able to benefit from the addition of essential oils to assist in healing, mood balance, immune system support, pain relief and a number of other health concerns.

Basically speaking, an essential oil is an organic compound that is extracted from plants known for their healing abilities. A variety of essential oils can be used as a helpful form of holistic treatment known as aromatherapy, which is great for improving emotional and physical health as well as increasing mental focus.

Believe it or not, a lot of cultures have been using the healing properties of plants for health conditions for well over 5,000 years. In addition to such healing benefits, there are also a lot of essential oils that can be used for beauty care, relaxation, cleaning in and around the home, and a wide variety of other needs.

Where Do Essential Oils Come From?

A lot of the essential oils that you will find are taken directly from a flower, bark, seeds, fruits, roots or leaves that come from a tree or plant. Depending on how strong the essential oil is, you can sometimes use only one drop and a little will go a long way. There can also be a number of different mixtures that you can put together of various essential oils that will provide a different impact for healing on the body, mind and soul.

A lot of the essential oils that you will find today will be made through a creation process that is known as distillation. This process works to separate the water and oil based compounds of the plant or tree matter by way of steaming.

An essential oil is generally a very concentrated oil that will have an extremely strong aroma. With the concentration of the oils that come from these plants, you are taking the most powerful compounds for healing from the plant or tree and having it made into one oil to be used however you wish. You can almost look at it as a way of truly harnessing the power of the plant matter

The therapeutic oils that you will find in plants are usually there to help protect the plant, not only from insects but also from the environment around them so that they can easily adapt to the surroundings. When you stop to think about it, using these essential oils will allow you to harness these protective properties and healing powers to use as you wish.

There are very small molecules within essential oils that work to penetrate the cells of your body. Some of these compounds in particular essential oils can even be made to easily cross over what is known as the blood/brain barrier. These oils are a bit different from fatty oils that you will find in nuts or vegetables. These fatty oils are from larger molecules and are not able to penetrate the cells or be used for therapeutic reasons.

Aromatherapy is a great way to enjoy a wide variety of health benefits and it has been known to be used in a lot of different settings. When you look at how easy it is to use, this is a nice, non-invasive manner of treating a collection of health conditions. There are a lot of homeopathic practitioners that are able to use the essential oils in combination with other forms of therapy to give their patients a well-rounded approach with great results.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

There are a lot of essential oils that have been available for centuries that are known for having both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can be used in a medical setting. When massaged on the skin, these oils can also help out with a number of skin conditions that will include scrapes, cuts and burns. Others can be rubbed on the skin and help out with improving sleep to battle insomnia, giving your immune system the boost that it needs to fight off illness and even give you a way to aid in digestion. When taking essential oils internally, make sure they are designated for internal use. High quality brands such as Doterra, or Young Living have essential oils that are made to be taken internally.  Most essential oils off the shelves of a store, however, are not safe to consume – they are made for aromatherapy only.

Depending on where you look for treatment with essential oils, there are even practitioners today that are using them to help out with the fighting of cancer. For example, frankincense has been showing an incredible amount of promise with its ability to help shrink brain tumors in a lot of patients.

A Sampling of Popular Essential Oils

Eucalyptus – Helps with respiratory problems including sinusitis, allergies and bronchitis.

Ginger – Cuts down on inflammation and helps to improve digestion, offers joint support and decreases nausea.

Clove – Has anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties and is a known antioxidant.

Frankincense – Reduces inflammation, supports brain health, helps to heal age spots and boosts immunity

Lavender – Helps to improve mood and relaxation while helps with the healing of cuts and burns.

Oregano – This is a powerful anti-microbial that works to speed up the ability to fight a cold and can help to kill fungus. Apply a drop to the bottom of your feet.

Tea Tree – Also, known as Melaleuca, this is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial oil that can cut down on bad odors while providing stimulation for the immune system. It also helps with acne and a variety of other skin issues.

No matter what type of essential oil you are planning on trying, you are going to see that there are all sorts of options that will help you with a wide variety of conditions. The more that you learn about the benefits of essential oils and how easy they can be integrated into your lifestyle, you are sure to become a true believer in all that they can do. Whether you use them topically or you infuse them into the air around you that you breathe, you will not be disappointed at this simple, yet effective, natural treatment method.

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